I'm Past a Cure

if you won’t, I will

Head Canon: Regina feels so heart broken because Emma found someone to be with. Regina knows she can’t be with Emma so she tried to give fairy dust a try and it failed her. Now she has no one to help her get rid of her feelings. On top of that the one person she wants to forget is constantly looking out for her and she hates it.
It would make an awesome story… just saying

holy SHIT if Regina or Emma were a male character this would be all over mainstream entertainment news as like the most romantic scene in OUAT history if not ABC history. I mean, come on.
Lily Sparks, speaker of truth [x] (via slay-this)


how c l o s e am i

                   to l o s i n g you


Because Regina needs a hero and Emma will be that hero. 


This kind of meta is the only thing I can get on board with right now. lol


Regina. I know you’re in there, I can see the light’s on.


 just breathe, Swan

Just finished Popcorn Love


i’m seriously on the verge of crying that it’s over XD I love this story so much. Totally gonna buy that book when it comes out, btw. XD




once upon a time has reached the moment where swan queen is literally the only thing that will not bring this show to shit